New "Companion" Model Ready for Release

After many months of planning, design, and production, the first of the new "Companion" model pens are ready!

The Companion was designed with one simple goal - to offer a new pen with the same high quality but at a lower price point.  Built in our Style 28 straight profiles, the Companion features a sterling silver roll-stop that carries our logo. 

We did two things to lower the price.  First, we are making multiple pens in the same blank materials in a single run - this cut down on material wastage.  We are also posting those pens of the same material as a single website entry with stock photos.  This had a distinct impact on the amount of time it takes to photograph, photo edit, and do website updates.  Each of the popular handmade blanks we use vary slightly, but the stock photos still give a great flavor for the color and style of the materials.  This time savings means a lower price for this new model.

We wanted to offer a pen that you could take anywhere, and we think the Companion model helped us accomplish that very thing.  It's made to carry anywhere and priced so you can carry two.