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Concept Pens - "What would you choose?"

Concept Pens - "What would you choose?"

Our favorite projects are highly customized concept pens.  (The photo pen depicts elements from the painting, "Starry, Starry Night," by Van Gogh.)...
Free Pen for Valentine's Day!

Free Pen for Valentine's Day!

We're giving away this custom fountain pen for Valentine's Day!  (It's also Greg's birthday - this explains why he is so sweet all of the time.)  F...
We went completely custom!

We went completely custom!

As of January 1, 2019, we have decided to sell only our entirely custom fountain pens.Though we have made and sold a lot of component-based pens (t...

Pen to Paper to Pen

Each pen begins as an idea - sketches become reality.

One At A Time

Each pen is unique because each author is too.

Custom Metalwork

It's just one way of making pens a little more special.

Hands Meet Machines

Much of our work is done by hand - it's part of who and what we are.