About Us

Why buy a handmade pen?  The design and craftsmanship of our pens rise out of a love of writing and writing instruments.  Writing of any sort is a creative process and will happen with or without a high-quality writing tool.  We know, however, that it is more enjoyable with a fine pen.  In this age of “disposable things,” we set out to create pens that are gifts for a lifetime, either for yourself or for someone else – someone who will appreciate the notion that fine tools are a joy to use and encourage the creative process.  

Gifts - Pens are wonderful gifts to commemorate events. Writing a note to children who are away from home, signing a contract for a new job, or taking the time to write a letter to someone in long hand…you will always remember the pen you use for these things, and it will be the pen you choose to do them again.  

Custom Work - Pens are very personal items, and we look forward to custom work that makes more personal the pen you have chosen for yourself or for a gift to someone else.  Look at our work to inspire new ideas for a new pen design, and please contact us to discuss special custom work.