Style 28-C "Companion"

Our Companion Model has been designed with both high quality and economy in mind.  The model features straight cap and body profiles, a straight-taper section profile, and standard Jowo #6 steel nib with converter.  We added a sterling silver roll-stop (which features our logo) to enhance design and function, and we are making the model available in a variety of popular materials.

In order to offer a lower price point, we have done a few things.  We are making multiple pens in the same material, and we are using stock photos for each material choice - this means less photographing, photo editing, and website time...and that means a lower price for our customers.  We have taken time to offer photos that fairly represent the materials, but many of these blanks are handmade and vary slightly. 

We did not change quality to lower the price...just process.  It is our hope that a new model at a lower price offers new customers an opportunity to enter the artisan pen market.  It also offers our long-standing customers a chance to collect multiples of the model in a variety of colors at an affordable rate.  All of our customers get a handmade artisan pen - the Companion is "made to carry anywhere, priced so you can carry two."

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